360 view cockpit / does not apply to the upload (FIX)

the default template does not apply to the mod upload (Conversion)
on each upload the values are ignored also the rear tag


!! Lokaly everything works as expected !!

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i had the same problem, i just copied all the values over from the template

	<Camera Center="(0; 0; 0)" ParentFrame="" RadiusMultiplier="1.1" >
			ViewDir="(1.0; -0.05; 0)"
			ViewPos="(0; 0; 0)"
			LimitsHor="(-2.8; 1.0)"
			LimitsVer="(-0.32; 0.2)"
				LimitsVer="(-1.2; 0.2)"
				ViewDir="(1.0; -0.05; 0)"
				ViewPosOffset="(0; -0.1; 0.7)"

set the limits (LimitsHor and LimitsVer) on how much you want it to be able to move

I did the same 🙂 ...

So you have encounter the same bug ...(if you use the template tag) everything works locally but not from the steam workshop?


OK... if you encounter the same problem ... uninstall the editor (make a backup from your mods, custom classes, textures or maps) and install the the editor again (also install the game media "path" again)

... the editor works ... inkl. the template tag for the camera / cockpit ...

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