Runtime Errors and game Freezing Pc

i keep gettin runtime errors ... ive tried reinstalling game reinstalling all direct x that comes with game uninstalling all mods and it still runtimes errors i cant even host a multiplayer game ..this media folder thing is really annoying why cant we just have it on workshop like the rest of the mods .... ? its still broken online

Community Manager

Hi there!

Do you continue to receive runtime errors when you don't have mods installed?

We do plan for maps to be in the Workshop in the future, and it's something we're currently working on.

I am also getting runtime error. It happens when I move camera. I guess... I'm moving camera almost all the time 🙂
I can live with that but the problem is that it corrupts the savegame. I have resorted to using external program to make periodical backups so I don't lost ALL the progress. It was happening at first then stopped with first update but now with 13th dec stability update it's back. It might have to do something with mods since I mostly play new maps cause I got bored with official maps.

yeah i fixed it with a 4gb patch maybe your devs should look into this ... i dunno why i report half the stuff here anymore because the modders fix stuff way before the devs do .. i can see why the modders are not supported tho .

Please elaborate on this 4gb patch. I found only Spintires: MudRunner Editor: 4GB RAM v1.1 but that's not that. Link would be most welcome 😉

Gostaria de saber quando vai lançar dlc de novos veículos para consoles, não é justo PC ter vårios mods mapas e veículos e consoles com apenas dezenove

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