The weapon models is great compare to all the other competitors in this genre, but I think the animations still needs some improvement.

Reload for pistol/smg/AR: The game allow you to reload twice for one more extra bullet in the chamber, which is good. However, the reload animations are the same for both empty gun and loaded gun. Doesn't matter if there is still a round in the chamber, the character will pull the bolt/slide after exchange the magazine and you won't eject the round either...

Reload for shotgun: Currently the animation for pump shotgun is broken as the shell kind "fly" into the gun when you reload. Beside fixing that, It will be great if you implement the tactical reload for pump shotgun, which is to put the first shell directly into the chamber. It's nothing new in today's fps anyway, you find this in Rainbow six, battlefield, indie games like insurgency and escape from tarkov etc. These are the simple details, alone, they make people want to play the game(Especially the Tarkov, that game has so many problems and the game-mode/user unfriendly system is definitely not for everyone, but for great job they did in weapon details, i bought the game, i bet many others too)

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