9th Dec 2017, bug seen on stream.

Youtube Video

By Commissar_Roach - 'Space hulk: Deathwing / multiplayer / part 3' published on 9th Dec 2017.

Found bug in this stream at 14:50 mins : where player 2s previous choice of class' icon shows on map rather than the currently used class' icon. If you look: Benjamin Magnus is an Apothecary but is depicted on Commissar Roaches map as a Chaplain.

You can see Benjamin Magnus Games : Space Hulk : Deathwing / part 3 . 9th Dec 2017 Youtube vid at 15:05 mins to cross reference it.

It's quite entertaining these streams by two newbies who didn't do the tutorial; they have alot of compliments and interesting viewpoints, through the chapters.


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@ 28:28 mins in above video: the Tactical Skull is speaking while Belials face stays on screen..?

Why does the blip sensor / mini map show Tyranids as white dots (clearly) when if you look at other classes such as the Apothecary in this video, and Chaplain, they have red (unclear) dots in mini map to depict the tyranids. Does the Heavy and Tactical have enhanced blip sensors compared to other classes? or is this a bug?

Personally, I prefer the vague red dots apposed to the overly prominent white dots, because in affect, I could solely look at the mini map without looking up to kill all tyranids. I prefer it to be more vague so ur not quite sure - which creates tension. Plus, white dots moving around a white central dot is disconcerting to me.


Update: ALL aforementioned bugs DO NOT appear in Benjamin Magnus' equivalent part 3 stream.

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