Stuck in sewer after Killing Sean Hampton (Game Broken)

I didn't kill Sean Hampton during the Dialog choice, then in the next chapter I went through the sewer to get into the Skal town and come up and kill him now that he is a monster.

I killed him, but can't get out of his night asylum area because of the barricades, I can't get back through the sewer because it won't let me teleport back up from where I killer Fergus.

I've looked through the sewer and the night asylum and can't find any unlocked doors, or teleport spots.

Is there any way to edit my save game to teleport my back to the hospital or some other way to get unstuck from here.

I've got a lot of time in accomplished almost all the sidequests I don't want to start over.

Community Manager

Hey there,

I've passed this along to the dev team, I'll let you know once I hear back from them. Are you able to break the barricades by hitting them?

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