Sound Fix (knock) // Always Sunny and DOF

Some of you ... (me included) hear sometimes (or more often) a knocking sound when driving!
I personal think that the env. sounds are too dominant and the overall weather situation is to often ... bad 🙂

I also manipulated the "game.lua" and 2 env. sounds "mud_hit__1.wav and __2"
And I also changed the day setup ... which can be found in the "classes" folder.





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you can change the env. volume with the "game.lua" by changing the numbers (higher values = louder)
here .... (12 was default for all)


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nice work is this for single player only ?

Unfortunately ... if the other player has not the same setup (no / only single player)
The sound files do not cause the problem but the modified classes and the game.lua will prevent you from playing online with other random players!

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