Press SPACE to skip...

when starting the game you get this prompt "Press SPACE to skip". now why is it sometimes it comes right up after the game starts loading up, but sometimes it comes up when it is almost finished loading or not at all? it is a small thing, but still i am curious.

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Same here each time i start the game it work randomly.

If you are on a PC delete the intro.bik file from the Mudrunner folder. No need to skip then.

@lawndart yeah did this already, but forgot to post about it. thank you for the reminder. now to get rid of the intro music which is easy enough. even with the intro removed i still get a sec or two of intro music when it starts. sounds/game/ intro_stereo__1.wav file. there is a 2 and 3 intro file as well to remove if you want no intro music or to edit for custom music/sounds.

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The danger with fiddling with the .zip is multiplayer incompatibility. Speaking of which, I am now wondering if they have fixed the issue with maps with mods, additional meshes/textures.etc not being available in multiplayer.

@lawndart not sure if MP is fixed. i do not think it is. i know some are still unable to start MP sessions.

yes you do have to be careful when editing files because some files do affect MP, but so far the files i have edited shouldn't affect MP. these files are not synced with MP and only client/user side. if anyone does have issues with editing these files and MP then please post up, but i do not think anyone should have any problems.

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