I was asked to post here by Sony and Focus about my PS4 issues with this game

I have an original PS4, running the latest firmware, and I bought the game today digitally off the PSN store...

In a total of around 2 hours of play, I experienced a lot of slowdown, some momentary freezes, some slightly longer freezes, and 4 crashes ... only one of which allowed me to send an error report, and one of which totally locked up my PS4.

Contacting Sony (after the first 90 or so minutes of problematic play and the first 3 crashes), they advised me to rebuild my PS4's database, which I did, before experiencing another half hour of freezing and slowdowns, followed by the 4th crash.

Getting back on the phone to Sony, I was told to delete the game, re-download it (using a difference connection if possible, as if that would make a difference smh), and then play it again, taking photographs of all the issues and then send them the photos.

Then, talking to them again on social media, they told me to contact Focus, which I did, and then they asked me to post it all here.

In addition to the above issues, which persist, and which I have sent evidence of to Sony, I have never once been able to connect to multiplayer...

It looks like it's going fine, I find a match to join and all that, but I get a Network Error every time, usually either at the 33% mark or just after the 50% mark.

Hey there,

Could you let me know the version of the game that you're seeing when you launch the game? Are you able to connect to multiplayer in other games?

version 2.39

all other multiplayer titles i have work fine

i'm more concerned with the near-constant slowdown and the regular freezing and crashing

is this fixable or not?

@nineprep I'll pass it along to the dev team, I couldn't say if it's fixable myself, though I believe it is.

I've seen a lot of other people complain about crashes, freezes, and slowdowns, so I am skeptical.

Also, I am in limbo here, as the game is not playable for me, and also Sony cannot issue a refund unless you say you can't fix it, so until either it gets fixed or you admit you can't fix it, it's just wasted money sitting on my PS4.

I'll take either solution too ... fixed, then I can enjoy it, or irreparable, and I can use the PSN credit to get something else. Either of those is far preferable to wasted money.

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Cada vez que me bloquea el sistema ps4 envío el informe a Sony, pero han pasado ya más de 2 meses y me sigue pasando lo mismo. Sony me dijo lo mismo que a te ha dicho a ti de desinstalar juego, borrar caché, instalar juego etc... Pero sigue yendo igual de mal. Por favor si encuentras una solución o bien Sony o el equipo de deathwing te resuelven el problema, coméntalo por aquí para proceder y hacer lo mismo que usted, ya que el juego se me bloquea, congela, desconecta etc... 3/5 partidas que juego. Gracias

Every time I get blocked by the ps4 system I send the report to Sony, but it's been over 2 months now and the same thing is happening to me. Sony told me the same thing that has told you to uninstall game, erase cache, install game etc ... But it keeps going just as badly. Please if you find a solution either Sony or the deathwing team solve the problem, comment here to proceed and do the same as you, because the game is blocked, freezes, disconnects etc ... 3/5 games what game. Thank you