MudRunner July Community Update

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American Wilds will come with many features that you have been asking for

That sounds good, but there were many features that players asked for since year 2014 and even earlier. Could you tell us which features will be added, at least major ones?

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i found this , i'm going to spend a little time looking into who makes all this happen for us.
_there are a lot of great points raised here by the commuinty, might as well look into what i can.
_also, where exactly are these ?screenshots? coming from? Saber? Focus?. i'd like to see officially released screenshots.
Great conversation so far... Rufus
___ PS. LOOK AT FOCUS' STOCK PRICES !! the inventors must of read the monthly update too.

Hey man, what's that about? seems pretty serious to me! would you explain?

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Also, guys, @1967deuce @blueice @fabio-brasil we should learn to speak russian and switch to this page!
seems like there are regular updates there and a lot of interesting stuff!!!
What U say?
Also, if you want a little tease, watch this:

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Don't speculate around such things as stock prices unless you have a clue. (I don't, either)

Well I would have to agree with the majority of the comments. It is disappointing to see no "new" information. And I also agree if we are going to have to pay for this expansion it needs to have more useful trucks, addbons ect. I am not yet giving up on the game yet but it is becoming less and less fun to play.

I was very exited about update and waiting for the monthly community update for some screenshots and stuff, But sadly I am disappointed with this no screenshot, no vehicle name, no nothing, there's this image going around on internet in which there's blue sky and colorful environments which looks little too good to be true, I mean I wish game could be that bright and colorful to suit america's locations but all I have seen so far with past DLCs is telling me not to expect much changes in graphics.

Devs should focus on other aspects of game beside these DLCs and stuff which we can get through mods, Here are things that I think should be added to the game

Dynamic weather: rain, snow, wind, storms, all of that would make game much more better.

Cabin View: detailed interior with realistic gauges and working mirrors, cabin view automatically switch to 3rd person camera when advance options menu key is pressed.

Graphics improvement: Mudrunner is based on Russia thus it's dull and faded, but that's not the case with the upcomming american wilds DLC, I am expecting some graphical changes in textures to match the bright american locations well.

Gameplay Mechanics: Delivering lumber is cool and all but it's a little boring now as we're doing same thing from past few years, it's time to add different objectives, other load types like sand, stones, etc (for some construction site) and vehicle transportation missions where you have to transport cars on trucks.

Console mods: Don't know much about how this game works on console so can't say much either but all I can say is, if there's even a tiny possibility to make console mods possible then do it, it would boost the game sales as well.

I hope devs consider this as a request and at-least thought about adding some of the above said stuff.

Note: I don't mean any disrespect to devs just want to see this game grow and reach it's potential.


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Licensed vehicles - of course they are cool - but I have some concerns about them:

  • Acquiring licenses from brand owners of these cars is probably expensive and I am afraid that because of that a large part of the funds allocated to the MR USA was intended just for the purchase licenses, and there may not be enough funds to finance much more important things.
  • Since the licenses are expensive, I'm afraid of the number of vehicles. If all are to be licensed, there will probably be very little - maybe 3-4. A greater number of vehicles may mean that they will be imitation, just like Russian trucks in MR, but then they will not fit in with those few licensed.

I think that my concerns may be right, especially since someone has already criticized me strongly and calculated that there are little profits from the sales of a million copies.

@sd1one Hey buddy!!! nice to see you're here too! I agree with your post!! just wish @Pavel could read us. I think he is not reading the forum anymore.

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@knight25 You may be right, though we don't know if that's the case. I don't know how all this licencing thing works. I don't think they should pay too much, cause at the end of the day, the brands also get publicity, so they are getting some benefit too. ATS is pointing to licenced ticks and it's been stuck with 2 brands and 4 vehicles for maybe 2 years though.
Yeah, definitly something to consider.

Always so much complaints. 😞 I will buy the American Wilds just to support you guys, the base game alone was worth more than I paid for it! And I got free content updates to it. 🙂

price is key for me, will wait to see how much this is going to cost before i jump for sure. i am curious to see these new features being added as well.

it's great to come again with more maps and vehicles and Thanks, but

PC Spintires MudRunner Workshop be a lot of great cars with big tires
example: SPUN 82 CHEVY K5 BLAZER RL, 85 Chevy K30, 83 Ford Ranger, Nissan Patrol GQ, Spun Jeep CJ Buggy, Toyota Hilux 1998, WM 2017 Overland Raptor, Land Rover Defender 90, Jeep Wranler....
hopefully sometimes they will come and i hope rock, stone map.

Addition - MudRunner: American Wilds.

➕The output of DLC on PC, PS4, Xbox One is scheduled for Q3 2018 (September 30).
➕The DLC output on the Nintendo Switch is scheduled for Q4 2018 (November 30).
➕The release of MudRunner on the Nintendo Switch is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018.

Will DLC American wilds be free as other DLCs or will it be the first paid DLC in Spintires MudRunner?


American Wilds will be the first paid DLC for Spintires: MudRunner.

@iyagovos what prize range are we looking at? Because now the community is expecting a lot more from the DLC than with the previous DLC's.

@wrangmog I can't announce pricing at this time 😞

Absolutely lovely update! I'm happy it will be not a stand alone game as i thought before. Also nice work Iyagovos, letting us updated once a while. I appreciate it!

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First paid DLC indicates more in the future. If it's up to scratch I'll certainly consider it. Fingers crossed!

Shame OG Spintires had nothing like this.