MudRunner July Community Update

stop blaming @Iyagovos people, he is just a courier of what devs say.. i think so xd

yep. people should remember Iyagovos is just a regular guy just like the rest of us. the company may tell him things or not, but unless he is given the ok to publicly release or make a statement about things they are working on for the future, then most times the only thing to do is give the usual blanket response or reply until he is given the go ahead to say more.

little side note. next time someone wants to complain about this kind of stuff give the user list a look next time and see just how many actual company people have replied on the forum. not a lot. majority of replies and questions answered are from the moderators, who are basicly regular people like you and me.

@Iyagovos displays inhuman patience... i'd be swinging the ban-hammer every day and singlehandedly encouraging the ESRB to change mudrunner's rating to mature.

At the moment I am not very interested in buying MR USA and I would rather spend my money on something else. Why? Because I still do not know anything about it, really nothing at all. It makes my interest turn into boredom and disappointment.

Do you want people to buy MR USA? You must attract their attention. Show us the results of your work! Information about vehicles etc!

But... mr usa is not available right now, so do it. Spend your money somewhere else. If you can't replenish your allowance between now and then, how did you manage to buy breakfast this morning?

What do you think is going to happen the day after the first screenshot drops? Lol, not even the next day, people are going to reply with questions like "is that all?" And "wtf, that screenshot doesn't show (my favourite truck/working mirrors/race mode/my obscure wheel support/whatever) so you, like a few others, are probably not at the top of the developers' list of dudes to keep happy. Would you be happy with anything but your wildest dreams released right this second?

By all means keep barking at the fence if that does something for you, but for reals bro, sit back and let the magic happen. It'll be ready when it is ready, and until then please find a hobby.

@grubdumpling Ok, what I wrote about spending my money is rather stupid 😛
I know that I should not expect too much from this DLC because I can be disappointed.
I only hope that the Saber will positively surprise us all. I really want this DLC to be worth every penny.

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Sorry @knight25 , to be honest i was drinking last night and the gamefaqs no man's sky message board got me all worked up. I should have been more tactful.

I think that since UTVs or atvs are so popular in the U.S that they should be implemented into America Wilds as scout vehicles. Like a Polaris RZR or a Can Am Defender or Commander. You could haul a fuel canister in the cargo space on them and a spare tire. I just think that these additions would add to the American feel and lifestyle.

I'll be surprised a LOT if that's gonna happen. As i discuss somewhere around here, game has obvious problems with lightweight vehicles, even A-class behave strangely, so even lighter things like ATV? Rather not...

@sodoma It's good that you mentioned this problem. As I remember, there was a discussion in this forum about the problem with light (small?) vehicles, but I do not know if @Iyagovos informed @Pavel

Another thing is the strange behavior of vehicles on asphalt, but this is a different topic and maybe only I have such feelings.

When will this DLC come out ???

@semirk11 " to-be-announced date this fall."

@semirk11 did you really just ask that? lol.. _ look back over the 5 pages of this thread, and you'll see what i mean.__RUFUS

@SloppySlingers @Iyagovos i kinda wanted to make some dumb joke about atv racing but i covered that in an earlier assault...

I dunno, being on the same continent as the usa puts me in a good place for observation, and all i see atvs and side by sides used for is day drinking and vehicular homicide. They are fun, but the terrain in mud runner would swallow them up just like the "a" series cars. Hard packed dirt makes for a good ride though.

Can anyone give a concrete example of an atv in use by any industry other than conservation? Maybe geology or prospecting... As far as i know they are almost purely recreational.

Edit: oooh, once when i was a kid i used a three wheeled atv (honda big red) to impress a girl... nearly killed us both on two wheels at about 70kmph... not exactly industrial use, but i was pro at impressing the ladies. Anyone who has experienced a three wheeler riding on two wheels can probably appreciate how much danger we were in, but it worked out really well for me in the end.

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Utvs and ATVs have many different roles. Granted recreational use is the most popular. I myself drive a utv almost every weekend just trail riding and mudding . But the have actually been utilized in multiple occupations throughout the country. The military uses them greatly now, and also construction sights use the to haul materials or crews to site or locations not accessible by vehicle. I've added 2 links one of a utv being used to haul logs just to show they do have alot of potential and another of the U.S marines using the MRZR

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

@grubdumpling As far as your experience with UTVs and ATVs they are not used primarily for day drinking nor vehicular homicide. Neither me or any of the other people in our group drink or have ever killed someone with one of our machines. Maybe your experiences are just from lack of experience or lack of common sense

@sloppyslingers said in Spintires: MudRunner July Community Update:

@grubdumpling As far as your experience with UTVs and ATVs they are not used primarily for day drinking nor vehicular homicide. Neither me or any of the other people in our group drink or have ever killed someone with one of our machines. Maybe your experiences are just from lack of experience or lack of common sense

... or you could just be pleasant and develop a sense of humour.

@grubdumpling hi grub, it was kinda a harsh statement, you put out there. unfortunately the perception of humor can get lost in the typed word. i've tried it a couple of times here (humor), and once, it turned into a nasty string of comments, that i still regret starting. I personally don't see the humor in calling a group (a large group) of people 'drunk-killers'. i ride, and i don't drink, and the only time i've come close to killing anyone is wishing my first wife, a quick demise. LOL. just my take__RUFUS

Well, thanks for the response @rufus, i can understand your feelings. I worry less about offending others, it genuinely caused me some upset to know i said something to make you think less of me. I do apologize for for seeming harsh to you. Let me explain.

It was kind of a simple joke, but it's a bit more sinister if i am completely honest.

The comment was meant to be comical, but in a satirical way; drinking and recreational off roading is a problem. I'm not linking any statistics to back that up, it's pretty easy to research. This is a worldwide problem, some countries have even gone as far as exploring options for a vehicle mounted breathalyzer device that requires proving sobriety before the engine will start. It's not funny, though i don't regret the comment. I would say that a person who rides every weekend with a bunch of reliable and responsible people would probably have a pretty narrow view of the "sport". On the other hand, a person standing back and viewing the whole industry would be drawn to the highlights, which is regular news coverage of deaths and injuries and statistics of the same.

And if we are going to be ultra sensitive about it, perhaps someone criticizing recreational off roading has lost a loved one in an accident.

We are all victims of our upbringing. I'll admit i don't get the need for an engine to enjoy my spare time. I operate all sorts of equipment for work, and i take pride in operating it with respect for the machine and the environment. Machines hurt the world. They also build the world, but tar sands? Fracking? Even battery technology is just a lesser evil. I am biased against recreational off roading.

And then there's the issue of many people asking over and over for features to be added to mudrunner that do not fit the core mechanics of the game. Maybe there is an atv designed for forestry, and maybe it can carry a full point of lumber... but why bring it into the game? For better or worse, mudrunner is about big old trucks dragging logs through filth. I like it that way, the developers like it that way. People frequently say this game has stagnated and i've heard it said "it's the same game i bought years ago for pc"... well yeah. I'm sure it is, and that's pretty great. It stands alone, and i'd like to keep it that way.

So i'll suggest it again; if "all you people" want a game that has mudrunner's environments with the vehicles from (insert random off road racing title), then why not go to the studios that make those games, and encourage them to bring their environments up to the bar set by spintires? Maybe those studios have the resources and desire to make the game you want. Mudrunner is more than freaking fine as it is, and i hope the developers will keep tweaking and refining that core.

TLDR don't drink and haul logs, kids.