PC - Goblin gets free reroll on GFI

I was playing a match today in CCL where by team "Bear Down II" faced a goblin team "Fire and Fury".

He had a goblin who was moved to a position that would take two GFIs.

The first GFI failed, and a reroll happened which passed. Then the second GFI occurred and he used his team reroll to reroll that (which succeeded). I can't think of any situation where this should occur. There were no other skills involved (such as Pro).

Here's a screenshot.


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If you haven't noticed, that goblin had Sure Feet skill.
So the first failed GFI has been rerolled with it and then a team reroll was used on the second GFI. All good.

Thanks for pointing that out. Odd that skills like dodge that cause a non team RR show up in the log but sure feet does not. that's one skill icon I guess I don't have memorized!

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