Tweaks to stadium enhancements??

If possible could a setting be placed so that you could choose whether your stadium enhancement is used for the game?? Currently you would have to turn off the enhancement and pay 100k to reinstate it.

It would be good to have this feature so for league matches you could decide to use it or not.

Any thoughts??


You have already a competition setting called "Enhancement" to turn on/off Stadium enhancements.

You can turn it on when you want to play matches with enhancements, and off otherwise.

I think he is more reffering to a game to game decision.

For example if you play a team of chaosdwarfr you might want to turn off elf turf to make the bull centaur gfi a little more dangerous, but have it back in the next game because otherwise you cannot catch the gutter runners during that next game without gfi yourself

Yeah was hoping it could be a game by game decision. It would mainly apply to the perpetual leagues and would make playing at home more of an advantage.

For example dark elves have a beer stand, but about to play norse would be good to choose not to use it for that match.

Also if there was an option so that you could buy more than one stadium enhancement and then pick to suit for the home game. Would be a nice touch.

Just a suggestion?