[Spoiler] Episode 3 Inconsistencies

After getting shot by Peru in Chapter 5 during the 2nd episode, you had the option to continue playing.
I did so for episode 3 and noticed several story inconsistencies. I am not sure whether this is intentional and to be explained in future episodes or somebody just forgot about this possibility 😉

  1. Episodes 3 starts with Chapter 9 - (Chapter 6 - 8 are skipped).

  2. The game never bothers to explain what happens after Louis what shot by Peru (and how he survived).

  3. Sometimes later (while talking to his mother and Godoy later on), he mentiones that he never attended the conference because he was injured and has no knowledge of the conference, but nobody explains to him what the conference is even about.

  4. Dialog options seem to hint that he should haven been able to prevent Peru's suicide, but how could he if he didn't even attend the conference?

  5. The character entry for Godoy in the notes section is not unlocked - well, there is no real inter with him anyway so that might come later (in episode 4/5).

  6. Louis has knowledge about things that happened during the skipped chapters, but we as the player should have no knowledge about this if we didn't play these chapters before (for example: the bible in the tower room and the secret of the garden)

  7. When going to the garden the secret passage is not even opened but Louis can magically pass it.

  8. This is probably a bug: When gathering the items in chapter 10 only four items are listed - the nails are missing, so you do not even need to visit mortimes study to collect them. They show up when solving the puzzle anyway.

Besides that I came accross some minor techinal issues:

  • There some weird voice when reading the book in the tower room (first room)
  • Sometimes the screen turns black for several seconds, the environment vanished but you can still walk around and the interaction icons are still shown - Happened to me infront of Elizabeths room and while trying to read a book in godoys room.
  • You can glitch behind Piaggi in his room in chapter 10 and onto Elizabehts bed. Luckily you don't get stuck there and can glitch your way out again.
  • Sometimes two of the background music's played at the same time (for example when you are supposed to find emily and your mother in chapter 9: during the cutscene where Washington comes in, the hallway music continues and the other one start playing)
  • When trying to go to Peru's room in chapter 9 the servant says the are collecting his personal effects, while in chapter 10 he states that Peru is resting and does not accepect visitors.
    (did he resurrect like louis & emma? - it seems in this game people don't get killed when they are shot)

I hope somebody here can forward these issues to the dev team, so they hopefully get fixed someday.

Hey there,

I forward the issues you're having here along to the dev team - many thanks for pointing them out.

With the inconsistencies, those are odd, I'll ask about those too.

What version of the game are you playing because I have not seen any of those bugs except for when ending a conversation you have to wait a few seconds before moving Louis around. I play the PS4 version of the game.