Fear The Wolves Closed Beta Test - 26th July, 2018

Could not even try, very few people, much lag, the games take a long time to find them. Make an open beta so that more people can enter.

@Iyagovos @Barbarrossa You need to send out about 5,000 more keys, I've sat in matchmaking in NA for 30 minutes at a time multiple times a day for the last two days and the highest I ever saw the player count was 20 the first night when it still required 60. Since you dropped it down to 30 I havent seen more than 5 people. You obviously don't care because you can see as well as I can that no one is able to play. If you were paying any attention to steam you would see the dozens and dozens of comments of people saying they can't find a single match. It's gotten so bad that people are going out and buying keys and spamming them into the comments sections just to get more people playing. It is absolutely unacceptable that players are forced to do that just to find a single match.

Okay let's do some feedback,shall we? 🙂 I like the game,it really has potential to become something different in the kind of a getting overcrowded with bad games BattleRoyale market.It has the atmosphere,it has the look,it has the interesting gameplay but there are still things that drive me nuts!I understand that the game is in beta even if it runs more like an project in Alpha but im gonna give my negative feedback.First,optimization.The game still needs a lot of work in that direction,it got bit better comprared to the earlier builds but getting around 20-40 fps most of the time is rediculous,im not saying that my PC is some kind of a beast.But im pretty sure that I can get more with i7-6700K and RX-480 on LOW settings,the FPS mainly drops in places with a lot of vegitation.Second,sound.The game has pretty decent sounds,im talking about guns,music,ambient and etc. Sadly,still needs work in that direction,sometimes is kind of a difficult to find out from where the footsteps are comming and also the music is TOO LOUD!I hope that the game will get better,like I said it has potential but needs more work on optimization,sound and network code.I wish you all the best and can't wait for the next patch to test.

With regards,MrBAZZINGA.

Well, after waiting for > 1 hr I gave up. 26/60...next I tried in the evening. Took 45 minutes to get into a match. Only to get killed by wolves chasing me. I shot one, took twelve bullets?!??! WTF??? the others killed me. Waited for 20 minutes to get into another match...11/60...gave up...

На русском:
Необходима серьёзная оптимизация игры по всем направлениям! Даже при запуске беты не должно так фризить и лагать. Да и что это за требования? 8Гб? На минималках? 4Гб видеокарта для средней игры? Серьезно?
При оптимизации и до 4Гб потребление можно снизить!Видеокарта на 4Гб? Видео в 4к и выше?
Вообще не вариант выходить на рынок с такими заявленными системными требованиями.
На будущее, от себя, рекомендую следующий список изменений:
-Добавить полное изменение настроек графики в плоть до полного отключения теней, блеска и т. д.
(Не успел посмотреть на то,как задействованы ядра ЦП, но всё же)
-Добавить возможность включения/отключения многоядерности.

P.S. И кстати, что там с поддержкой AMD Ryzen?

In English:
You need to seriously optimize the game in all directions! Even if the beta doesn't have to freeze and lag. And what are these requirements? 8Gb? On the minimum ? 4Gb video card for medium game? Is it serious?
With optimization and up to 4Gb consumption can be reduced!A 4Gb video card? Videos in 4K and above?
In General, there is no option to enter the market with such declared system requirements.
For the future, from myself, I recommend the following list of changes:
-- Add full change of graphics settings up to full turn off shadows, glitter, etc.
(I didn't have time to look at how the CPU cores are involved, but still)

  • Add ability to enable/disable multicore.

P.S. and by the way, what is there with AMD Ryzen support?

I'm waiting for them to announce that they've decided to not sell the game later this year but to release it in 2025.

Would love to try out the game and share my feedback, but couldn't find a game. Queued up a half dozen times throughout the period the servers were up and only got as high as 17 out of 30 players once after waiting for 10 minutes. This was on NA and EU servers. Need to find a way to get more players aware of and interested in this game, or provide some coop/PvE game options. As a STALKER fan I'm definitely interested to see where you guys take this game.