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I just received an email about the next test stage telling me all the info I needed for the upcoming test phase but when I click the link in the email for the relevant forum section it says I have no access to it. Does this mean I'm not part of the test phase, and if so why did I get this email anyway? I've not downloaded anything for it so this is a bit confusing.

I'm wondering the same, no download links anywhere altough the e-mail I got clearly says "Join us again for a new beta phase!", "We look forward to seeing you on the servers.." and "Join us to play!" which to me, tells that I'm in the test team. Maybe they release the links for downloading the game when the Beta actually launches.

Мне тоже пришло такое, я сам стример (DEZMOT), и хочу завтра постримить эту игру .

Такая же ерунда - пришло приглашение на тест .
Перехожу по ссылке - доступ запрещен о_О

Hey there!

You guys are talking about this link, right? I dont have a permission to access it too. I think its just unpublished or something like this right now so dont worry! It will be probably published tommorow, at 3 PM CEST. 🙂

@Hadis did you recived your beta key? Iam kinda confused because this mail should be for the beta testers, not for everyone but maybe Iam wrong.

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hello there can i access beta if i have the game on steam?

I also received an email inviting me to join the closed beta but the link said I did not have access. Also no keys ore anything.

@ilih11 Hey! Did you recieved the key? Because if you have it on steam, you should be able to participate in beta test.

@MessMaker Well, if you didnt recieved the key yet, you have to wait 😕

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@Barbarrossa Nope, haven't got the beta key yet.

@hadis Mhm, I see. Well that probably means the system took the e-mail adress of everyone who is registrem and sended it as global message.
But, FHI will be sending out at least one more wave of keys before the Early Access release so stay tuned 🙂

Hi all,

You should be able to see the forum post linked now - it appears that there was an error on our side.

If you received the email, you would have received an earlier email containing your Steam key. Please check your spam for this.

I actually had more e-mail from FHI than I thought and I'm now downloading the game with the key I actually got 15th day, my bad :S

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