Patriot Camper 6x6 lc79 Toyota

Hello Guys my name is alejandro, im from mexico, i started to play spintires 2 years ago.

one year ago in my free time i decided to design a patriot camper 6x6 lc79 Toyota

Nowodays i work a lot, and its impossible to me to end this project .

I have the 3dmax file

im looking for someone who want to have the opportunities to end it or want to help me.

I dont know how to use mudrunner editor or simulate a suspension or doors

alt text

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great looking rig Alejandro! and your opening statement is a lot better.. hope someone can help you, i make maps, never even tried to use my copy of 3dmax. look forward to you possibly releasing it to the community. Rufus

looks good but thats the actual model being rendered or a pic that you based your model on?

i have the actual render of this truck... i created it

the owner sended me all the pictures of this truck.. and i created the render.. but i don´t know to export to mudrunner and animate suspension and doors.

Love the 4 wheelers! are they drivable or just addons? either way very cool man.

Wow, that rig turned out really cool.

Dont wonder why...Its mostly stolen... locked