After about 70 minutes I'm gonna give my opinion about the current stage of the game.

PC specs that the game was tested on:
Prosessor - Intel i7-6700
Graphics card - Gigabyte GTX 1080 OC 8Gb
RAM - Corsair ValueSelect 1x16Gb 2133Mhz
SSD - Intenso 480Gb (Storage where the OS and game are currently installed on)

Like all of the UE4-based Early Access games, FTW suffers from FPS issues: it runs smooth while in the helicopter but right when you jump off of it the game is slow on loading the environments including forests and buildings, sometimes even freezing for a second or two. Even a long time after landing the game has hard time loading the area around you, causing the fps drop in the low 30's.
Melee weapons like fists and axe have no feedback if you are hitting the enemy or not. Animation when clicking right mouse button with a firearm the character starts aiming down the sight and with under a second delay cancels it, instead of just smoothly bringing the firearm in front and bringing it back for hip firing like in any other first person shooter.

Time to kill in the other hand is good in my opinion just like music playing in the background, so developers have something working well in early state as the game currently is.

As of 3.8.2018

Still experiencing major stuttering which I think is caused by the way the game loads vegetation around you, which really affects gunplay as it's hard to keep your aim on enemies. Map area should be smaller in my opinion as I usually see only one or two enemies during the match even if I run long distances to one direction.

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