PS4 Post match reroll, coach's points and fame points screen not showing up

Recently after every match the first screen that usually pops up at the end of the match where you see the amount of coaching points you earn, fame points you earn and your money winnings/reroll opportunity isn't showing up anymore. It was present and the option to reroll was available when I first started playing but then it stopped about 5 matches ago and hasn't returned since. I saw a tip that said to delete all your previous match replays and I did that but it didn't work . Please let me know what I can do to fix this, it's really killing my financial situation.

Extra info:

I'm playing against AI
It's the eternal league
It's a mixed human team (Norse , humans, Amazon , circus, brentonnian)
It's happened in another mixed eternal league too where I had a high elf team


Anyone know how to fix this or when a patch will come out?