Suggestion: High and Low Range Transfer Case

First and foremost, the new camera is awesome! I've been playing since the tech demo, and to finally have a camera option like this makes me so glad I bought Mudrunner.

Now that I've got that out of the way. For those playing with a wheel and H shifter, there's no low range option. I get it that this is not an issue for those playing with mouse and keyboard or controller. Or that it has any negative affect on gameplay, but it does feel odd driving around in high range all the time. On top of that, if low range were to be introduced for players using clutch + H shifter, it wouldn't make much sense if using the throttle was still necessary get the truck moving while in low range.

I don't know how difficult something like this would be to implement, and since it would only pertain to a smaller group of players, if it would even be worth it. I just think it would be nice to have something like this, and really up the realistic factor.

You are absolutely right!!!

@wheatsnackbread everyone is in the same boat. all control types do not have "hi/low transfercases" but only throttle control.

now to have an actual working hi/low transfercase for the vehicles would be nice and realistic for sure. maybe someday (for mud runner or the next version) something like this can be built and coded into the game. it would take things just that extra step right along with most of these other "new" ideas for the game. only time will really tell, but still i have my hopes up for the future.

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I think that the "low" adjusting system now works quite fine, although it might be kind of a rev limiter adjusting actually. But it gets you through many places like this already 🙂

It was be helpful if we could start in second gear from a stop. Sometimes you need to speed bump and object to complete the obstacle. Also I'd love to see front and rear dig. It would be super helpful on challenging rock climbing style maps.

@rat_013 that is because it exactly that, a throttle control. where people got the idea of calling it "gears" is beyond me.

@8up-local It literally says "Gear" in the UI when you're playing the game.

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@articzap That would be awesome, front and rear lockers being selectable independently would add a lot of fun factor to the game, at least on the modded 4x4 side of it.

@wheatsnackbread i know that is what it says and it is something that people first started misnaming in the original before they were actually named ingame, but it is wrong. just like the "cruise control" which is something that holds a set speed, not a set throttle position. which is why it says Force Accel in my sig, that was the original name for it. people kept calling them by those other names back in the original game and now they have stuck and been given those names. so in that sense they are right because someone decided to give them those names even though they are not correct. the original idea this was all for is so key board users could have some kind of throttle control. controller and pedal/wheel have anolog throttle control with the pedal and trigger, key board only has 100% throttle on/off keys with out it. it is what it is now though, so oh well.

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@8up-local So basically it's just a technicality. What does this have to do with having a selectable low range?

@wheatsnackbread the point of the thread is to try and get a selectable high/low. which we already have actually. gear1/gear1+ which is a high/low gearing, but i get what you are saying though. a high/low for gear1. which i think would be a cool idea, since right now for key board users gear 1+ is still an on/off key switch. controller and pedals still have the throttle control for that. so yes i would like to see a selectable transfer myself or atleast a controllable throttle for gear1+.

@8up-local If I remember right the tech demo version of Spintires actually used a hi/low transfer case. The game "Off-Road Drive" has a pretty good system for differential locks, hi/low t case, and a tire pressure adjustment that would feel right at home in mudrunner.

I'm not trying not to rant too much, but Spintires/Mudrunner is a game with a bit of an identity crisis. It's based on Russian logging, but the replay value is in 4x4 crawling and mudding. Considering that I honestly don't know if Russian trucks even use a low range transfer case. I can't even remember from my short time driving the Oshkosh 7 ton. If those trucks have low range, I guess I was too worried about the 155mm HE rounds rolling around in the back because they kept falling over lol. If Russian trucks do use a low range case, then this suggestion could at least be realistic, if not then it probably won't happen. No matter how many 4x4 mods there are.

I just commented in another thread how it does support the G29 H-Shift on PS4, even though it's not listed and mentioned this. IRL all the trucks I've driven with more than 6 gears have used a range change, splitter or both. These are operated by a switch on the gear lever or by knocking the lever sideways mid shift. Some are preselect, some are a separate movement but the point is they give access to multiple gears with a simply H-shift e.g. Merc 4SPD H + range change = 8 SPD, Scania 3SPD H + Range + Split = 12 SPD.
Now, I know toy shifters don't have switches on the lever but pressing a button on the wheel or other controller to toggle high/low would be an acceptable compromise and would also work for the "jeep" type vehicles with transfer boxes.
It's not a big deal, I only really need more than 6 gears on highway use so can change to auto for that.
Oh, also we should be able to start in higher gears. IRL you rarely start a heavy vehicle in 1st and usually skip a lower gear or two.

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