Can't connect to reestablished game from previously saved slot.

Hallo Everybody who love to spin tires in the mud!

I am trying to find some help here because I was unable to find exactly the same issue description and solution online. So I will try to describe my pain briefly and to the point. If I'm doing something fundametnly wrong - sorry, be patient with me please.

  1. Who and what: two good people want to play online within friend only multiplayer mode using saving capability! We have very little amount of time for gaming thus to start always from scratch is not an option. Both Win10 running game, both UPC internet provider, both connected via router at ip4 - port sucessfully forwarded on both sides, namely 27015 in "Both" directions.
  2. What does work: we are able to connect each other once the game is being started from the scratch, thus one of us goes for multiplayer/create friend only lobby/there I will add/invite my friend being alreay in my steam account as "a friend"/he will get a message in windows/he accepts the intivation - his game starts and connects to me/.. and simply everything works like a charm. Normal perfect multiplayer gaming without any problem at all. This works exactly the same once we swap our roles. After certain short perior of playing, my GF starts yelling "stop that!" .. thus we exit the game getting a message that "all is saved, you can continue" .. and here the fun begins.
  3. What does not work - we want to continue next time thus one of us goes for multiplayer, there just hitting a single button "continue previous ..." which result in fact that his game is started, everything is as it should be, nothing is lost - time for connecting my friend. The only way we are aware of which should be used is that the person who wants to connect goes for steam, locates me seeing "he is playing mud runner" and hits "join the game" highlighted in green. And here we finish. What we get is the small steam window where only this information is filled:
    a) Adress IP: my correct IP adress (checked) : 27015 (already forwarded port)
    b) message "Server not responding". And there we are :(..
    As before, once we swapped our roles.. we ended up with exactly the same result.

We already got some hint that we should try the way that the same person who is in the game "should be able" to invite the waiting friend poping up steam right in the game and invite him .. but not sure where to find it and if this will help. If so, does it mean that the option we are trying is fundamentaly not working, or just not working for us? I also find a hint that in certain cases Windows firewall can be bypassed with particular connecting procedure and in case of another one firewall will block it?

That is it. If there is any opinion, any help, it would be great. I bought the game only for this reason .. and till now it haven't been working for us.

Thank you a lot!

Best regards,


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Good morning amkerk. I apologize, but it is VERY DIFFICULT to understand what you are saying? Guessing english is not your first language?

As for your problem, that does not sound like a Spintires issue, but a Steam issue. I play on the Xbox one, and have done what you are describing plenty times before, with no problems. I would contact Steam Support and ask them about this issue. It seems Steam cannot cannect you and your friend.

@Iyagovos Good morning man. If you read his post, can you understand what he is saying? Does this sound like a Steam issue to you?

I can try ask Steam, if they can help.. but as I described before, once we are connecting each other via "lobby menu" starting the new multiplayer game from the scratch, sending the invitation is also working via steam as well as starting the game and pairing the game without any problem..

Ok, we just got a first to the point reply from one guy, who took a movie for us where he shows how he is inviting another person from already running game, not from lobby menu..