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How do you activate the Exo-Lift at the start that is close to tram at the start of the DLC. I'm on my second run of A Walk in the Park and I have ZERO idea on how to get up there. I've tried jumping to the broken stairs, I've search what I felt was everywhere to no avail. Anyone know how to access this area?

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Hi there,

You mean the lift at the very start of the DLC, correct?

Yes, its right near the tram used to get to the park. Its tucked into a narrow short path and has a broken set of stairs across from it. I'm on playthrough 2 of this DLC and this is one of a few areas I can't for the life of me figure out how to get to lol

Update: I found it, so apparently their is an access door to Creo World through R&D that leads to the upstairs portion were the lift is.

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