Is Deathwing officialy dead?

Excellent news that Streum are still beavering away at SHDW W40k 😁 whilst the predators prey -looking for a quick bloody meal to rip apart at the end of each day, but regardless of their malicious Heresay (heresy) 👿 the next patch is on its way 😌

Dead some would say? Be patient young terminators! This isn’t big budget CoD or Michael Bey 🤢
Sorry foul heretics, but in the grim dark of W40k there is only optimism and our aforementioned 10 devs beavering away, for the Emperor and mankind and hive dwellers worldwide ✊
Resolute and committed that the xenos filth is lanced and bled and purged with righteousness, fire and lead 👾

But I’m not a poet and we ain’t the devs 🤐 so have some faith and let the brave 10 make the omnissiah proud 🙏 so we can play this game without the kicks, bugs n crashes that need ironing out 🤕

Patience is a virtue and time is a healer, brothers in arms 🤗

Aquí en España hay una frase muy buena para todo lo que has puesto y es: No vendas la piel del oso, antes de cazarlo...... Saludos

Here in Spain there is a very good phrase for everything you have put and is: Do not sell the skin of the bear, before hunting it ... Greetings


I think it's safe to say this means nothing until it's seen. Also, I take up your claim of spreading heresay - that's not true and you know it.

Unless you want to dispute figures, reviews, and outstanding bugs? No you can't, you just got angry.

Patience has been given - how long did EE take?

Talk all the silly W40k stuff, but the fans have been crapped on by these devs and publisher, they really need to prove their loyalty rather than the other way around.

While it's being discussed, perhaps you should be asking why they are not telling people about this 'large' update through various channels, instead of in a reply on 2 threads in their own forum.

@mr-b We're going to be talking about the large update on Twitter and Facebook with an actual announcement shortly.

That's good, steam forums could do with one too.

I will be interested to see what's in it.

Yep, Steam will definitely get it too 🙂

Devs.... great new and thanks in advance... because...

  • The game needs content! (why the hell so much stuffs are f....g useless? Baneers, ornments, bayonets and I don't even speak about armor! We spend rewards in cosmetics!!! Even not in better armor! Please stop with cosmetics except helmets for assault. There are plenty of and more than the core of the game needs)
  • The game needs balance (stormbolter, tactical/chap)
  • The game needs fixes (people afk to earn xp, hosting system)
  • The game needs more variety in interractions (hacking turrets)
  • The game needs changes (change the current progression system and add randomly located items for F** sake! Why should I buy a 10% bonus while after next mission I'll be able to get the same stuff with 20% bonus? In the same time we go through empty corridors and rooms with NOTHING to find in ! Give us ancient pieces of weapons/weapons/armor/types of ammo to find out during missions only! The lore allows it!)

I can't believe in seeing such a waste of potential. Devs, if you finally don't know how to make your game great, ask the W40k fans! we'll give you ideas for free 🙂

I was with you from the start even after the realease of the first version. But now, 2 monthes after the EE release... All my mates are done with that game. Does it worth to keep the faith?

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hmm... its as if I called it.

At your place, I would be careful with waves of optimism. Yes, they have told something about an update ”soon” but they have said that they are not playing any DLC too. Don’t hope for too much so you will not be disappointed.

many players grind vermintide2 for the big e-penis yeah just for the scoreboard its true believe it or not xD

but i agree v2 like gear and weapons would make the game more interesting thats for sure loot like that would make any game better xD

think about it shdwee every item weapon and ofc you would make armor pieces with 3-6 stats wich can vary in a few hundred or thousand ways ..... you could farm till the end of your life xD

more loot is always good ok ok there are boarders for everything ik