Where is the NA server located?

For both NA/EU I get the same ping values which are around 95-100.
For all other games in NA I'm used to play, my ping never exceed 30.

I am not sure where it is located but if it helps you i stay at a steady 32ping in Portland,OR. my EU is a steady 176. Unfortunately there is apparently only 10-12 of us on NA ever so can't play in anything but EU certain times a day and the ping is so bad its hard to really review the game content. As your ping is relatively the same on both servers you'll have much better luck actually joining a EU game but...its freakin terrible lag.

Yes I have to select EU because of number of players, they should open it up a bit more so NA is also populated.

What was strange in my last very short game is that once I entered the game on EU and while I was in the helicopter, I was seeing like 35 ping at the bottom of the screen but I can't tell what it was once I landed because I had to rush get equipment and unfortunatly someone was quicker than me and I was killed in the first 30 seconds.

yea idk this game is pretty trash. great concept just horrible execution. if they want legit feedback they def need to open it up to more beta testers in the NA

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I won't say it's trash but there is a lot to do... Unfortunatly it's hard to expect a fully polished game anytime soon because well... cough survarium cough 😃