Coaches Making Multiple Accounts

Hey admins, is there something being done about coaches who are making multiple accounts and racking up the concedes? Makes champs ladder feel pointless when we have people who only play kill chaos and concede any time things aren't going their way because they know they can just make a new account. Personally, it makes me want to stop playing champs because it defeats the entire purpose. If I only wanted to play 10 minutes of blood bowl, I'd play in the open ladder.

Yes please. Is it not possible to trace accounts to an IP or console?

Totally agree! There is a coach who has admitted he is doing this repeatedly and it’s just a joke

Community Manager

@wra1thlord Hi there,

Do you have evidence of this? If so, could you please send it to me.

One of the league admins has the evidence already 🙂

Community Manager

Hi, we're aware of this issue and are currently looking for a good way of handling this. Tizzle Bizzell did a great job reporting the problem.

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