Red Queen needs Nerfing.

So, I'm a casual player, I don't play on the hardest difficulty cause I want to experience the game in a more chilled out way. I love this game, it's amazing but when I got to the last boss, that's when I was like 'wtf'. I embraced like 20 citizens (lol) because I didn't want to struggle or do any side goals such as not killing a civvy. The game even tells us that the more we embrace, the easier the game will be. What they didn't mention was that it's only like that until you get to the Red Queen Avatar since her strength scales with how many people you embrace. I'm about level 37. This b**** was level 51! She destroyed me in like 5 hits and my abilities (Which were maxed out i.e. Abyss) did close to nothing to her. I looked up videos and read on other sites and even respecced my skills but she's too powerful for me. Furthermore, what they need to do is allow you to keep your syringes if you die because it proves to be a waste of time and resources when she out-of-nowhere decimates me.

Ultimately I feel she needs to be nerfed for the sake of players like me as I don't want to stress myself with an enemy that's 14 levels above me however I'm desperate to get to the end and finish this extraordinary game.

I think that you might need to upgrade your weapons because some of them can have high stun points which will help you in this boss fight and the more you upgrade the more damage they do. Just some advice on how to beat the Red Queen because she is one of the toughest bosses in the game.

Hey dude, my weapons are maxed out, so are the abilities that I've researched, and that were used by other players who have fortunately successfully beat her at level 51. It's probably how I'm fighting her yet no boss should be this problematic and overwhelming for casual players like me. I'm just banking on this 'Story Mode' they're gonna introduce this Summer. Hopefully it's not going to be a trick like how the current difficulty system is now. Thanks for the response though.

No problem! I had a tough time beating her as well but what I did was try to get as many hits as I could before she would attack and then wait for her to summon the red minions, feed from as many as I can and heal myself and use the ultimate abyss power whenever I could. I agree she is a hard boss but she is beatable.

Exactly what I did too but my weapons were not upgraded hence the strategy failed almost every time.