Endurance mode with only one life/truck. Highscorelist.

I don't own the game yet but I'm going to buy it next month and have some ideas which could make the game cooler, even though it's hard to do so.

• Endurance mode. One life tree transporter.
• E.g. Ural with crane, every logdilivery gets points. Manual log loading.
• random AI trucks driving through the mud too for the unforeseen challenge.
• sone AI cars on the street.
• More wildlife: maybe Add 5-8 Deers/wild boar on each map which the player can see in the distance - once a day for the atmo.
• No watchtower
• Random spawn.

What do you think?

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AI trucks is an interesting idea, not sure how difficult idea it is to implement, if they are given a path to follow etc like rFactor. How close they geat near objects or just drive around.

Wildlife would be nice, we have a few magpies (I think they are) when you honk. A small boar fleeing would be quite funny.

No watchtower? So no uncloaking or what?

Yup, no uncloaking of the map. Only driven path is visible for the double extra challenge... 🙂

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