No mans sky EE.

With the media-wide praise of notorious Shaun Murray’s No Mans Sky NEXT redux for its further development dedication, free dlc, and no micro transactions and so on, and whom for some, might be held up as a shining example for other companies to follow, does this not sound familiar to our friendly Streumon devs’ efforts who didn’t walk away, but endeavoured to improve SHDW🖖 They deserve some equal respect. Because as I’ve heard NMS still has its fair share of bugs and crashes, and praise.

It’s true, SHDW desperately needs a new PC/PS4 patch (which has been a while) to fix the crashes and online issues , give host migration , fix spelling mistakes 😤 etc, etc, to keep more players playing.

Hopefully it will come very soon 🤞

@kommodore77 said in No mans sky EE.:
does this not sound familiar to our friendly Streumon devs’ efforts who didn’t walk away, but endeavoured to improve SHDW🖖 They deserve some equal respect.

Well said (wrote). People forget that criticism can be both positive and negative, and only seem to voice an opinion on the latter. It's refreshing to read some positive criticism, that acknowledges the things that this game does right.

Not in any way, shape or form similar. SOS had to fulfill contractual obligations to focus after they screwed up launch and were late.

I'm sure someone from either SOS or Focus can correct me if that's incorrect.

And don't forget, nms also still had thousands of players even after launch. Lowest it ever dropped was 560 average players.

That's different to 66.

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@mr-b to be specific though, they both target different audiences, and the hype train that was the time before release of NMS was a hugely different beast to SHDW. Statistics can only be used if there is a relative situation for both test cases. It’s too easy to rattle off numbers and have the general semi-blissful ignorant gamer eat ‘em up which doesn’t help either outcome. In the end it is what it is and there’s no going back to change these outcomes.0_1532934696448_EA968ABD-1BA0-4BA7-BE0E-AA3383FA3DCE.gif

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Fully appricate that, I wasn't comparing game for game type. But it's a simple fact, no studio will do updates like that for such low numbers.

And if we want to talk about differences, this has NO HOPE of following nms. That was their own thing, from what was largely their own funding. And while it wasn't what they hyped it up to be, they are at least competent at developing.

Focus are not going to give SOS more money, certainly not enough to make any inroads on the current problems.

I'm completely certain on that, and would like to be proven wrong, since I own the you say, different game for different people. A large sandbox game like that has a chance if done right. This game type will never get those numbers.

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I guess Streum should have lied thru their teeth like notorious Shaun ‘the wolf in sheep’s clothing’ Murray; beguiling customers with lures of PvP and Orks and different chapter armours, vast new ships and maybe Streum could have amassed a cool few million aswell from the duped masses to financially aid with the next free updates 😝

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