Hi Guys!

I'm starting a stunty league in association with TwitchBBL on BB2. It will be a pool of 8 teams for start and if the people are interesting in the future I will create more pools for the league. Normal and mixed team are allowed (with some restriction).

Here's the discord of the league https://discord.gg/g84dujg.

Rules of this league are the following:
-Minimum TV is 600.
-Ogre, Halfling and Goblin are the only real stunty roster.

For the other accepted teams than those three te following must be added in addition:
-The roster must contain at least 6 stunties (so Lizardmen and Underworld are accepted).
-Some mixed team are allowed with acceptation from my part.

The following races are ban: Human/ork/Dwarve/Chaos Dwarve/Chaos/Nurgle/Dark elf/High elf/Wood Elf/Bretonnian/Undead/Khemri/Necromantique/Amazon/Nordic/Kislev/Skaven and Vampire.