My toughts about the game

Hi developers and people.

I want to start with basics. I've been playing BR games since H1Z1 came out. I've played PUBG and Fortnite as well. I like the idea what this game provides. Radiation and idea is great. You don't have to be truly last man alive to win the game. I like the design of the game (500h+ Survarium). BR games are fun to play and this has much potential to be a great game. But lets take a look what in my opinion needs to fixed or added to the game.

  1. Core gameplay

    • More stuff added to loot, Bigger cities and i would like to see more areas where u can loot before radiation comes.
    • I cities you couldn't get attacked by wolves (more that shortly)
    • There should be proper inventory system (you would be able to see your character and i should be possible to loot with TAB and drag while moving)
    • Cars are broken
    • I see couple lags here and there, i think its fine.
    • Compass should be added
    • Shooting feels awful, i found myself a situation where shooting towards enemy didnt hit him properly, once i shot enemy like 10 times with shotgun before i got killed to 3 bullets of pistol. I dont know how to shoot properly if netcode is so laggy that "missing" your shots do hit the enemy. Fix shooting and netcode before release is very important.
  2. Weather and anomalies

    • Weather effects are great but sounds are way too loud.
    • Rain, fog, storm everything looks and feels great. Its nice that they affect how you play. But i think more gameplay focus is needed. (tweaks here and there)
    • Anomalies are strange, you wont be able to avoid them or see them properly. (take a example from survarium
  3. Wolves

    • Broken, they are spawning like hell sometimes
    • They do way too much damage (i think 1-10 damage should be good depending your armor)
    • In my opinion i dont like them, delete them or make wolves more precise and not so scary and op. They dont even have sounds.. at least what i've experienced.
  4. Radiation

    • Idea is great, But movement of radiation is total mess. I've found myself looting 1minute after landing and then 60s to adrenaline hazard. I cant find a car and then i run for my life and finally after 10mins i die to radiation because it dont have any logic how it moves and how to avoid it. That makes people kinda frustrated when they start playing. I dont say that circular zone should be added, but something like it.
  5. More survarium stuff

  • I dont mind if you copy all mecahincs and stuff from there, it plays very well.
  • Mix a bit of this and survarium and u are good to go. I think thats all


I want to add something to my last post.

Firstly I would like to see a compass on the map, It may be lootable item or just you could see it.
I would like to see better map system in the beginning. There would be those 2,5kmx2,5km square areas that would see in your map. Also i would like to see a warning/indicator on map when area is becoming full of anomalies (aka zone phase 2). I found myself in situation where i was heading to town and i didn't know that area is gonna be (phase 3) adrenaline hazard in 30seconds. So i thing that needs a little bit tweaking.

Shooting needs fixing, as well as trading with other players.

Hope you guys like what I suggested. I think there is a lot to do when game finally could be released. These fixes, tweaks, great constant updates, dlc's, skins here and there, squad system and great marketing would make this a great battle royale game. It has so much potential and has a lot of new twist to the genre. Keep it up DEVS!

Best regards.

Yes. Beta is back again and there's some few suggestions and issues i want to share with you guys.

Firstly, Game feels much smoother now, FPS is increased a bit so that's great. I see couple lags here and there which causes the screen to freeze... Keep working on that. Once I got killed by other player because got 3 second freeze on the game...

Another which is kinda of suggestion for the map and design. I think you should add map/flight route to lobby before the match starts. You would be able to decide where to go before you are in the plane. This would be implemented especially to squads. And the map layout is pretty weird tbh. All big lootable areas are in the edge of the map... which means that you need to be super quick to find a car and drive there to even get some loot. If you manage to get something, you'll be rushing out there because radiation starts... I think you need to focus more lootable areas to center of the map. I don't say that it's bad now, but some tweaks to map design would be great !

And lastly wolves are better, you can now hear them which is great. But sometimes I found myself from situation that 5 wolves are coming at me and i ran out of bullets very fast. I manage to kill them but then I didn't have enough loot/ammo to kill any enemies. That means I'm pretty much dead already... I think time to kill with wolves need to be a bit quicker or you should be able to loot more ammo. (or more ammo spawns as well). I found a one bug which is annoying. When you are in small house and wolf is running towards you and then you kill the wolf to the terrace/entrance of the house you wont be able to get out of there. Corpse is blocking your way out from the house... That's a bug which needs to be fixed.

Lastly but not least, vaulting would be very good twist to game. I would make moving so much easier.

I think that's all from today. Keep working on game!
Best regards

Glad to see some constructive feedback. Keep it cominโ€™! ๐Ÿ™‚

I've had the same issue in matches today re: ammo and fighting off wolves.

wolves play better than the player. developers have well programmed the behavior of wolves. sounds like praise). those who complain or can not kill wolves.๐Ÿ˜Œ

Hey there,

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback. I'll be passing this along to the team to take a look at.


I'm glad to hear that my thoughts about the game were not useless! I'll be posting my ideas an thoughts in future when more Beta testing is coming!


I love the wolves. Adds a PVE element to the BR genre. Kind of like how they added bots to PUBG Mobile. To me it adds a bit of fun instead of only PVP. Maybe if the Wolves had a drop or something, it might make it a little more "worth it" to spawn them on purpose hoping for some healing or something. Like how they've ravaged other players and the "drop" would be stuff from players they've mangled before.

Hi everyone.

Beta test weekend is here again. Firstly I didn't have much time to play game, but i noticed couple great things compared to last weekend's session.

  1. Game runs much smoother (less stuttering than before), still a bit stuttering left.
  2. Moving feels much precise than before
  3. Shooting feels better
  4. I noticed a bit more loot in houses than before
  5. Wolves are smarter and u can predict their attack way better
  7. Running sounds and footsteps are great in my opinion
  8. Weather and environment effects are looking and feeling awesome

There's not all the great things that will make the game great! But as this topic is ideas and suggestions I'd like to talk about those.

  1. Firstly free look system (example pressing ALT) you would watch like 270 degrees around you while running straight.
  2. Put an option to keep mouse sensitivity synchronized with every scope you put in your gun. That makes aiming kinda hard sometimes.
  3. Put an option to see map at lobby. And what comes to map, i think it needs a bit tweaking. There is only RLS Duga almost center of the map. There are no big cities or places to head, i think that more action to center of the map is needed. I'd like to see some kind of nuclear plant center of map. I would also be radiated so you couldn't go there without anti-rad or protective armor. But more entrances to houses (especially to big ones).
  4. It's kinda hard to see trough scopes. I found myself in a situation where looking trough scope reduced my visibility to target that i would rather use hip fire instead. Scopes need a bit tweaking.
  5. Swing rope effect while extracting is great, keep that in the game. But in my opinion i should be a bit slower to get in chopper. Just my opinion.
  6. Optimization is needed to run game smooth. Game is killing my GPU... (not really) but it uses GPU way more than CPU. Maybe it's just the engine, but more optimization is needed before launch.
  7. Guns should make more noise. It's hard to hear people shooting somewhere and sometimes hard to find any action.
  8. And lastly but not least, game tickrate seems to be very low. That's need to be increased. Sometimes I got a kill or got killed by enemy running to house or around a corner you could get killed behind the wall. Bullets register very slowly at what I've experienced ping 40-45 feels like over 200.

I hope that these things will help team in future development.

Best regards
Surffi aka Valle