Well, I would say the start and the whole beta was mild a disaster.
I think most of us did expect that the frezze bug was fixed and the server performance would be better but we still have the same problems with fps drops and lags. In place to fix the main bugs what didnt happend, happen something different.

My oppinion is that they need to fix the freeze bug and server performance asap. this is the only thing how many player come back to test the game find out other issue and give feedback over new content what will be updatet. I hope they not gonna move on for an EA soon.
And also the first day with a mega disaster start with heavy reload bug and grow granates that explode in your hand and many more did scared a lot of people and they stop playing immediately.
So this beta stage was not only a disaster for me it was disappointing.

I think also to that first when the server works fine and the freeze bug is solved a lot of players will return to test the next stage give feedback about new content.
I hope they will work on now for it and we can have a good time in this beta 🙂
thx for reading have a nice week and a fine time at office 🙂