I wanna give some feedback to the latest Beta Stage. This Beta Stage was still too buggy to think about an release. The Performance is still very bad. Even on High End Systems. The Gameplay dont feel smooth. The Weapon recoil is like in Call of duty.... no realism.... we need higher and harder Recoil for all weapons. We also need new Weapon Sounds. They just sound gruesome. You should give more People Access to the beta or just complete do a open beta. The Game is still way too Buggy and unfinished ( even for an Early Access Release). And why you using Unreal Engine? Thats the most bad part. YOu should know that not everyone got Highend PCs. Unreal Engine is taking too much Hardware Ressources to run properly on the most common PCs. And as i already said do a complete open beta to get more testers. I was so hyped for this game... But after this 2 Beta Stages im not sure if i would buy it.... Get the Release back to Late Autumn or Winter 2018... or you will bury this Game. Vostok can for sure do better things (just look at the STALKER series who was great). But anyway.... Keep the Work up dev team. I believe in you!