Episode 3's ending! SPOILERS!!!

I was just wondering what players thought of the ending of episode 3. I personally enjoyed this episode. The ending was a bit confusing for me because Sarah claims that Lord Mortimer is a demon who can see through eyes of other people which is also something Louis can do. Does that mean Louis is a demon as well? Or does that mean we are the demon that has gained control of Louis? 😉

I keep thinking back to the very first choice we made. Do we trust Sarah, or not? It strikes me as strange that someone who has harped on to Louis about keeping logical and open would latch onto the idea that Mortimer is a demon, rather than explore other possibilities. We've been inundated since the start with peculiarities that may, or may not (in the case of red herrings) be clues as to what's going on.

It's all too easy to pass off the things we don't understand as being magical, or having particular religious significance. Many occurances that were deemed magical in the past are now easily explained by science. Science is Mortimer's immunity, so I'd imagine it's safe to say he knows his stuff. Sarah makes no bones about the fact he is more knowledgeable than she is, so it's very possible that what she perceives as demonic possession, given a little more knowledge, might be viewed as something else entirely.

Sarah also gave us an indication that she believes Louis' 'power' is still in its infancy, that it has not fully matured yet. We also found out that she's been giving him a concoction that limits his power. I can't help but wonder if there's a familial relation between Mortimer and Louis, given that Louis exhibits the same power that Sarah believes Mortimer to have. And then there's the kidnap of Mortimer's son. And the sheer amount of books such as the Chronicles of Amber, Al Asif, even the book in the libary she forbade Louis to read which just happens to be ridiculously anachronistic also, that point towards the ability to 'travel' in space and time. Maybe we're looking at the links of chains which will come together to form two very different narrative conclusions depending on which iteration of Louis we've leant towards.

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My bells gradually started to ring when the best ways to assure 'Open and Logical' Sarah were all raw empathy and basic imperfect responses a human freaking out might have. I think she was testing him. If Louis were possessed the demon would either take cue and be what she asked of him, or be impatient to get some information and skip the niceties and worry for other people instead.

Hmm. I wonder what precisely she was afraid of when demanding if Louis spoke to Mortimer. The 'truth'? That he made some kind of deal already? Is slip of the tongue binding in any way? Maybe by agreeing to work with Mortimer or owe him, allows the demon to jump into that vessel? It makes sense then, that Peru tried to kill himself and hide the daughters away, he probably not visited or taken them to mask the location.

I gone through stages while completing the last episode, the current one I'm leaning towards is that Louis is Mortimer's son. 20% just his, like that boy Mom and Son team 'liberated', and was adopted for keeping an eye on, but more likely Sarah really is his mother. I mean we did get beginnings of the story of 20 year old her, meeting younger hotter spare body of Mortimer's, before she 'found out;, however that happened. Oh wait. Right. Adoption. I don't know how old Louis is supposed to be (yuck! His face mode looks creepy and inhuman :P), but clearly not that old. And Mortimer behaves sort of fatherly towards him? He didn't blow a gasket when I took his information and switched teams on the spot (sorry Washington's broken heart). Finally pictures in Louis room make sense! 😛 Creepy and foreboding as it is.

I hope for badass demon powers! 😃 Well... gradually. Not in the last moment for gasps or angst, and not as blunt as in 'Dark City' or 'Fahrenheit aka Indigo Prophecy' endings.

P.S. Eh. Spoilers? flatly Ha. Anyway! Can anyone tell me if Peru survived (I couldn't get into his room) and whats up with what looks like uninterractable and uncommented upon body of Wollner(?) lying face down on the balcony when you flee Emily's room in Episode 3?

@Nimeo Wolner's body is lying there because he was knocked down by a player - he's unconscious, but otherwise okay.

My first thought was - Sarah, to cover her tracks and because of what they both were saying about the book lately, but its not his wing, so he had to come to the balconies by himself. Strange choice of potential people. o_O Unless he was controlled, of course)

By the way. In view of the recent episode, great job on unlampshaded clues on the servants! 😵