Will we see Cthulhu?

(First of all, loving how the game's looking so far!)
I was just wondering if we'll physically see Cthulhu in the game...

Despite currently reading Lovecraft's works, I have yet to read Call of Cthulhu itself. However, from what I do know, I believe that it would defeat the purpose to actually see Cthulhu itself just kinda walking about. After all, if Cthulhu awoke, survival wouldn't even be a possibility really...

So I was wondering, is the plan was to keep Cthulhu as a kind of lurking presence as opposed to a physical entity in the game?

(Also, if we do somehow see its face (in a dream perhaps?)... Lovecraft depicted it with 6 eyes, not 2.)

That is a really interesting idea. I don't know if they will allow us to see Cthulhu but you suggested that perhaps we might see him in dreams which would be cool and most likely affect the protagonists sanity.

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