Team crashes Client

I've made a team that brings my Client to crash, whenever loaded.
Reason should be that i've seen these coloured Teamnames and tried a bit more myself. Wasn't a good idea.
Is there a way to get the team deleted?


Does it crash when you launch the game, or just when you launch the team? You should be able to just delete the team yourself from the Team Management page.

It crashes when i open up "Play in a League"; when i scroll left once in "Teammanagement"; when i scroll to far right in "Friendly Match".
Basically when the game tries to show me the 'Shield' of the team.
So no, i can't open it up in any way and therefore not delete it.

So? Do you want a Screenshot or sth of how far i come before it crashes? Logs?
Or is there no way of deleting a team outside of the client? Or without the game trying to display the teamname?
I'd like some Support 🙂

Hi sorry,

I'm still investigating this, but a video of the crash would be incredibly useful, if you're able to get it?

[0_1533682981324_Untitled 2.avi](Uploading 100%)
[0_1533683071852_Untitled 4.avi](Uploading 100%)
The Recording stopped automatically when the client was gone.
Shortly after comes the Notification Window saying i should update my Graphic drivers and whether i want to send the crash report.

Oh, and i think the name of that newest and problematic team was something like:


It seems that they didn't upload properly, would it be possible to upload them on YouTube and send them?

Thanks for this, I'll pass it along and see what we can do for you.