Matchmaking adjustment idea to get more teams spinning in the later later of each CCL season

So while I was crushing a 1200 welf team with my 1600+ plus dwarves(not really he nearly scored twice) my opponent sent me a msg (not in anger) about how the TV difference in welf vs dwarves is brutal, and it is that made me think maybe the maximum tv difference should be lowered to +/- 300 instead of the current +/- 500 as teams raise tv in this league quickly.

Now I understand why it's +/- 500, so even morg n thorg can be bought with only inducements. But With +/- 300 tv difference, morg n thurg could still be purchased with gold in the treasury added and no extra tv gold bloat.

I believe this small change would have coaches spinning more in the later weeks of each season and more importantly spinning more new teams in these later weeks to give "climbers" a better chance, instead of only really playing the teams that have established good position on the ladder, especially on Xbox where our low numbers make the tv difference very prevelent. Any thoughts ?

Did I mention I was also spinning a 1080 and 960 along with my 1600+ dwarves.

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The more restrictive you are with the matchmaking, the more often you won't find any matches at all. Given that the mean win rate for teams with 500 TV different is 60% vs 40%, the idea that 500 is insurmountable is more perception than reality... so I don't see any benefit to reducing the maximum.

On Xbox we play with a very small player base comparitivly to other platforms, I think more of our coaches would be spinning more often and I'd imagine the 60/40 win rate is not true if only matches on Xbox are counted.

I think it would help on Xbox and couldn't hurt to try.

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I think it will hurt on XBox (or any platform) since a proportion of matches which are currently being played would not be played at all.

One thing which might help, though, is a form of rookie protection similar to FUMBBL such that new teams (e.g. <10 games old) have more restrictive TV limits within which they can be matched.

Yeah, I like the "if you've played less than 10 games then you can only match with 250/300" approach. After 10 games you should have enough skills to at least have the potential to overcome 500 tv down. I also feel that there are a lot of inexperienced coaches who don't maximise their inducements in that situation. I played a guy who was 180 down to my orcs and he took an extra apo and a babe (As a 1500 chaos team). If he had taken a wizard I would have had to play a completely different play style. I made mistakes in the first half but was still lucky enough to score on my own drive. Had he used a defensive wizard he could have drawn if not won that game.

I think it's been discussed before, but is there any way we can get a summary of who is currently in the pool? Not even team or race or coach, but a simple count of the pool and TV so I know what to spin (since I think the spinning multiple teams might be broken still?) Something along the lines of:

<1000 - 2
1010-1250 - 6
1260-1400 - 9
1410 - 1740 - 3
'>1750 - 35

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