Closed Beta is Live! (03/08/18)

@netheos My region is EU. I am playing from Germany. I was able to play every test sessions before this one. After this session was announced, i checked the game on my Steam library, but there were no updates available. I tried restarting Steam and even reinstall the game. Unfortunately it didn't help and, after i launch my game client, it says "invalid version. Client update needed".
@zonnerua has the same issue and he made a screenshot of the massage on his reply above.

You guys want feedback?!Okay,im gonna GIVE IT TO YA while my impressions are still fresh. 😃 It's clearly visible that the game is getting polished,slowly but seems like the dev team are working on it.When I started playing the game in the early Alpha I was saying to myself:This game is so TRASH,I don't even know why it exists. But now,few months later I can see where the game is going and im starting to like it.The atmosphere is pretty decent,the shooting too but that what I like the most is the zone that appear randomly,I mean is not like the rest of the BR games and that makes it UNIQUE!I like that we must look around not only for another players but for wolves too,running from the radiation is good too.In this patch I saw some things fixed,the desynchronization is fixed even if from time to time it appears.The game needs more work towards optimization,if I don't use VSync the picture is getting glitchy which is a problem which I hope is going to be solved.I have noticed that im getting FPS drops in areas with more grass and tought that is going to be good idea to have option for switching it off or reducing it,but lately I have decided that is pretty usefull for hiding and planing attacks on my enemies for im UP for keeping a lot of grass.I hope that the game will get even better with the next update,but please,just PLEASE do NOT stop the sever for few days anymore,I got REALLY addicted to the game and I wish all best to the devs to make it one of the BEST BR games released so far.Because it has the chance to beat even PUBG which has really booring zone.

With best regards,BAZZINGA! Hope I will see the game online soon .. 🙂