Never get into a Match

First time trying beta and took me 10min to find a game and when i start loading me in the game brings me back in the menu and then i go back loading into game and it kept doing it. uninstalled the game still did it, restart game still did it, restart computer still did it hope this bug will get fixed

Hi there,

We were having server issues this morning, but this should be resolved now.

@iyagovos thanks for the reply but my game keeps putting me back into "match found" every time i start my game up and 10 seconds later it loads into a game then kicks me and the mouse isn't there anymore 0_1533298925220_match.PNG

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Thanks for the report, I'll pass it along, hopefully we'll get this fixed soon.

@iyagovos just figured the problem its the AZ/OCE servers thats causing it

will you bring the OCE servers back

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@teddybearduck Hi there,

I'll check this for you and get back to you.