Several Bugs and Glitches My Friend and I found while playing The Council.

Hi, I've been loving the game so far but wanted to share several glitches I discovered, as well as share what happen to my friend's game.

First off, I've been playing the PS4 version, and this 1st Glitch I caught during my stream where in the intro cutscene of Episode 2, The main protagonist shows up as two bodies in the cutscene, one sitting down where he should be, and the other standing up blocking several camera shots. Here's a clip of that in action:

The next Glitch I was able to reproduce several times in Episode 2 and 3, where somehow approaching the doors but not clicking to open them would allow me to walk through walls, here's a clip of that in action:

The next glitch happens when interacting with the map in George Washington room or the book in the Tower Room in Episode 3, where Louis de Richet’s voice will come out as high pitch, almost as if it’s on helium. Here's a clip of those two in action:

Last glitch from me was when talking to Manuel Godoy, Louis de Richet eyes started going cross-eyed where the right eye was looking up while the other was starting at the camera or Godoy. Here's a link of that in action:

My friend on the other hand is playing the Xbox One version and after he had beaten the 1st episode, anytime he tried to continue onto Episode 2, the game would freeze and shut off his Xbox. He tried deleting and reinstalling the game and its episodes but it still happen. He's able to start a new game, so my only guess is the save is corrupted, here it is in action

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Many thanks for this extensive post, I'll pass it along to the dev team for you.