My PC isnt best one but:
i7 4790k
16gb DDR3
Radeon r9 280

With this config at "low" quality settings i have maximum 30 fps. Its terrible to play atm for me.

i have bigger games than insurgency and they dont lag but insurgency lags like crazy so am uninstalling this piece of shit, i know its in beta but it cant be lagging like hell its fricking unplayable

I agree on that,im using i7-6700K,SSD,16GB DDR4 2666MHz,RX-480 8GB but I still have problems even on the LOWEST possible settings.

I'm running i5-6600k

16 GB of DDR4 2400 Mhz

1070 - 8 GB

Windows 10

Game installed on a Western Digital Black Caviar 1 TB.

I run medium-high at 60 for the most part, it drops down to around 45 in areas but not too terrible. Might try low to see what I can get going.