Another money milker for the battleroyale fanboy

I made an account just for this, and this single post alone because after what I've just witnessed I'm never returning to any of this.

I managed to get through a whole of maybe five to six matches before I realized; This game... is just horribly bad, I mean REALLY bad. It's as though it's trying to take every bad idea that had ever existed and trying to wrap it all up into one F-U package.

To start, is the whole underlining premises of this game where it comes off as trying to be unique is the addition of wolves added to the game. Okay, so having wolves isn't that big of a deal... except for the fact that they will consistently spawn around your IMMEDIATE (as in within 10 feet of you) location non stop about every 4-5 minutes you are in the open. This makes wolves just an annoying obstacle more so than an addition to the gameplay experience.. I really don't want to have to be shooting wolves in the face that I literally watch spawn and drop in right in front of my face because F me that's why. You don't even have the option of avoiding them, soon as they drop in they are close enough to auto detect you and unless you are ready for it you get screwed quick, and you just have to keep being ready for it over and over again.

The movement system is... somehow even worse then Tarkov's clunky robotics, I feel like my character is developing rigor mortis a little too early, probably from all the adrenaline zones I had to keep running through nonstop. I'm not sure where super low mobility somehow ever came off as being a good idea, I mean it's okay if it's not your typical "weightless" style of movement and aim, but my character is not clad in full plate steel armor trying to haul around a two handed sword that weighs a quarter of his body weight. No prone either, which just speaks for itself really... I mean really nothing else needs be said there , it should just be a thing period.

The idea of extraction just ruins the experience, and leaves for too many "I got lucky" moments where someone just HAPPENS to be in the vicinity of the helicopter when it comes, and no ones close enough to do anything about it even if they practically train towards the helicopter. Realistically speaking, someone could win this game by having done absolutely nothing, not even picking up a single item.. which I guarantee you is going to become some kind of "challenge", because it's actually possible and not really THAT difficult to accomplish, play enough games in a row and I'm sure you're probably guranteed a "I got lucky" win without doing a thing, except there's nothing to feel good about because again it really wouldn't be all that hard to pull off. You can't shoot while roping up to the helicopter anyway, so all that gear does you no good regardless.. it's just a means to -mostly- shoot nonstop wolves, and then players secondly unless you're planning on sticking it out and not taking the chance on the rope.

Finally is the zone progression, and likely what is the most annoying. While it is in best interest to keep the flow of the game going and get matches finished.. the progression timer relentlessly leaves no possibility for people who just happen to be further out in the hazard zones when they start to recover and be able to loot, they end up having to spend the entire game running just to stay alive while the game keeps closing the next zones they are just about to enter. See, something similar like this DID work for Radical Heights... but that's because they did it well, the zones closing off were more spaced apart and seemed like it preferred to close in a checkerboard style manner, reaching out to areas that where less touched by other zones rather then just completely random luck of the draw and leaving someone with nowhere to run to because all their immediate zones kept closing.

Basically, my last game was me dropping in to immediately have three wolves spawned around me as soon as I hit the ground just about, getting two absolutely free defenseless hits taken off my health before I could even make it into a building. Okay.. completely BS, but I''m still alive I guess. After I managed to maybe get around to looting out 10-12 different buildings, the game decided at that point I would never have a chance to loot again when it started dropping adrenaline zones on me one after another, and as I ran to the clear areas they would just keep closing off one after another... I maybe got like 20 seconds in one area to swoop through a house like I was going home invasion. The "best" part was the fact that during this maddened dash for life towards the helicopter (which appeared while I was ALREADY running from adrenaline zones) was the fact that on my way... I had to kill 5, yes, a very non exaggerated 5 packs of wolves, all of which I could literally see spawn in right around me which pretty much immediately launched me into a fight with them. It's a good thing that the match suddenly ended in an extraction win before I ever even had a chance to get into the zone that had the helicopter in it, because by the time I would of made it in I wouldn't of even had enough ammo to properly fight with anyway because I had to blow it all on magical wormhole wolves that are suddenly just there in your face. Oh.. and I never even seen another person during this whole escapade either, it was literally just running and shooting wolves until I lost to something I never had a chance at after striving probably three times as hard as the person that extracted just to survive....

Yeah, no thanks.

I'm not giving up on the game but you bring up some very valid points. I agree with just about every one of them.

Sadly, I agree with you. The trailer had me so hyped for this game. I was naive to think it would be anything like it. I feel like the game is just, not good. I hope they succeed, as there are people who seem to enjoy it, but I'm definitely not one of them.