Needs More Buildings, And More Loot...

So I have played over 3 hours so far and here is my thoughts....
First off the positive...
This game has potential of being great. The concept is cool. The helicopter at the end is a nice change up from other Battle Royale games.

The hot radiation bubbles are a nice add.

Would be nice to see the areas that are getting ready to turn radioactive come in as a shade of red before turning hot.

Now the areas that need to be looked at...
For as big as the map is, there are too few buildings to look for loot. It seems to be slow paced most of the time, unless you have other people dropping at the same area. But after those have been eliminated, then it is back to being slow paced for way too long (in my opinion).

Did I mention more loot??? Yea I know I did, but needs more and better loot. I'd rather have all of us have good weapons to take on others than not.

Vaulting over fences and walls needs to be added. I figure this will eventually happen, but it should be sooner than later.

That's it for now. Keep up the good work!

I fully agree.
This game could turn up quite interesting, but I managed to scavenge the whole central region of the map for just a Beretta and some ammo, which I kept until someone took the chopper.
They should increase loot in buildings and reduce the dead areas, otherwise it becomes a walking simulator.
Also, I guess that the poor optimization is just temporary, but a ping of 80 on your region server and lag even on the lowest settings is surely a drawback.

Actually I don't agree on the loot thing, in the beginning of every match I found a rifle, submachine or shotgun (obviously in a grey or orange area). I like the game as it is, but it is just my opinion 😉

Having mixed feelings about the loot algorithm aswell . I like that better weapons are at riskier spots , but I also feel like the villages should have at least medium dmg weapons .

Loot seems just right for me but I do normally go for larger buildings and tend to always get a weapon fairly quickly.

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