Decrease in performance

Hi! I am experiencing a huge drop in fps at every match at the end (from 60 almost steady at the beginning to 10-15 fps steady at the evacuation). This just happened in this last beta. Even when I stay as expectator, I experience the same low fps. I didn't change the settings (low on 768p), my PC is a i3 4130, GTX 1050 ti and 8 ram

You could try using Rivaturner to monitor your Gpu usage and Cpu usage as well as Ram. Just to see if its your system getting bottle necked for example from a memory leak. But most likely the issue will be resolved as more performance updates roll out. After all it is a beta.

I dont think its a leak of his system cuz im having exactly the same problem with a new pc where all other games work fine

Just checked with rivaturner, CPU, GPU and RAM doesn't change in load to the end