Von Wollner Bug (Episode 3)

I found Von Wollner laying face down on the balcony at some point late in the game but couldn’t click on him to investigate. Is he supposed to be dead or just unconscious? Found it weird that we could find someone laying face down outside but couldn’t investigate the situation to see if he was dead.

Hey there,

This is the result of one of the characters running past him and knocking him over. You can't investigate him, but he is unconscious.

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@iyagovos I personally find it a bit odd with how it was done, given the loading screen sound effects of the unknown character running past Wollner and how your player doesn't even make a comment on Wollner at all. I feel like a simple fix would be to add a single line of dialogue if you clicked over Wollner to acknowledge his unconscious because I too thought it was a bug.

I'll pass this along to the team, as I don't think this thread is the first time we've heard that feedback