Thoughts so far

First off I would like to say I am enjoying this game a lot so far and see a whole lot of potential. That said there are some things that I'm liking a lot and others not so much. I'll start with what I like, first off is how alive the map feels. The ambient noise of animals and the weather add a sense of immersion pubg really never could. Another plus is how unique the zone is compared to other battle royales, the way it moves in in blocks rather than a circle is very interesting to play against.
While on the note of the zone I feel it could be made better however, my only real issue with it is how you only really have a vague idea of what tile is going to be taken next unlike other battle royale games where you know beforehand where you need to get out of. Lets say for example if the rads of the zone closing in on a tile were preceded by a minute to thirty seconds of a lower rad before turning into a kill zone I feel this would give players a better sense of where they are and where they need to be heading relatively to zone.
Next up I'd like to bring attention to the change in sensitivity when using ads. It probably isn't a huge deal to those who use a higher dpi but for someone like me who uses a lower dpi for shooters it becomes extremely difficult to aim properly as when I aim I am barely able to move where I'm aiming.

I hope to see this game grow and become more polished in the coming weeks, best of luck.

Hey there,

We will have mouse sensitivity in the future 🙂

Thanks for your other feedback, I'll pass it along.