elements that added/fixed

i think a leaning mechanic should be added. you should fix the were when you don't pull your parachute and land the press f to pull parachute icon is still on the screen. 1 2 3 or 4 more melee weapons should be added. big thing you should work on is the driving because right now its not the best. something i think you should work on is animations like vaulting over objects, running to stopping, running to crouching and a prone option, and maybe working on yellow zones being random on the map. and i know this is by the creators of stalker i think when you add more clothes you should put a jacket or shirt that one of the characters used in.

and those are some things that i think should be added/ fixed

If you look on the steam page they are going to add a leaning mechanic. Under Coming Next it states "Crawling and leaning: New movement options to give you more options in a fight"