Sounds for the game.

I have no clue if this has been posted and with a 'very quick' search i didn't see any other post (Unless i overlooked it).

But one suggestion that i would like to put out there is that 'ambient' sounds should not be a thing you can turn down, ambient sound should be something that is tied into a 'global sound' which includes gun sounds, walking sound, plane sounds pretty much everything.

I am bringing this up because i just played a game without realizing that ambient sounds can be turned off, so from my side all i had was wind and rain and all that stuff, where as the guy that just killed me probably had ambient turned off and could probably hear me walking throughout the whole town and in a way i don't think that should be allowed.

Hi there,

I've passed this on to the dev team, thank you very much for letting us know.

I agree. Also, the ambient sounds are AWESOME!!! Pretty immersive and varied.