I think this game has a great potential. I am aware it cannot be perfect from now on because of it's closed beta status.
I Know you guys are working hard to make this a great game

I've read a couple of ideas here and there and here are my thoughts.

1 - Add a compass on top (for eventually squad player game)

2- RE POSITION NOTIFICATIONS!!! they are in the dead center and it is impossbile to see through while in combat!! place them on top or small left or right corner Maybe with a voice notification

3- Add a vaulting/climbing interaction to fences and bigger objects

4- Remove shakyness of field of view while moving sprinting etc... (its great for realism but not for a First Person Shooter experience.) It makes it harder to spot ennemies from great distances.

5- Add a toggle mode for crouch position

6- Add a prone position and a toggle mode

7- Add the ability to control wolves when you are dead ( So a battle Royale game won't be frustrating waiting sessions in a lobby annymore and your game is going to be so unique! people will want to stay and control weather and wolves. don't give them only one wolfe life give them plenty of wolves lives make squads with wolves. Give them choice to start in wolfe solo or wolves squads.

8- Add the ability to move and loot at the same time.