Extraction should be more of a firefight and less of an opportunistic action.

More and more, the meta of end game is becoming, rush to the chopper and extract before anyone else arrives. To the 5+ people still alive this feels cheap and we feel cheated. It is happening a lot. I have a suggestion that will make end game more of a fight to extract.

In the final zone, have a supply drop containing a flare marked on the map. Players will have to rush to the supply drop, grab the flare and use it to call the chopper for extraction. After the chopper arrives, players will have to extract the same way we do now. If the person refuses to use the flare then the final zone goes into Adrenaline mode and forces players to expose themselves and fight.

I believe it adds a lot of depth to the end of the matches and will turn out to be a lot of fun at the end. Where currently, it feels like it is lacking and 9 times out of 10, someone extracts before much can be done about it.

Hey there,

Thanks for the suggestion, I've passed it along to the dev team.

Not sure if it wouldnt reduce the end-game into last man standing scenarios beating the purpose of copter being there.I mean if everybody have to uncover himself starting to shoot the others.End-game as it is have some purpose for the copter being there.Because i saw some gameplays where there were 2-3 left and while 1-2 were scanning the edges of the last square the third started the extraction and while the other/s made it there the guy was one second from the victory.I guess what happens in the end game Quite depends on players themselves.Some do camp waiting for the soon-to-be-ex-extractors,others actively run here and there either trying to find the last guys or making sure no one else is close and they can do the extraction.

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OP I really think the flare gun idea is excellent, nice thinking.

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Just realized how that flare might fit in.
In the last square,
drops a supply crate with the flare,
(nice rhyme isnt it xD )
and who fire it will call the helicopter which comes quick
so the others will have to rush there before he´s saved,there´s the trick.

Also,someone postd on discord an idea that with players also wolves might travelled to the final zone trying to escape the radiation,which however is possible due to its nature to apply on a whole match.