Initial Constructive Criticism

I finally found a match, but to do so required switching from NA to EU. NA isn't matching any time I try to play the game, so there's one of my issues.

I'll start with some high opinions. The concept appeals to me a lot. Chernobyl, radiation, fighting the elements, the overall visual theme of the game; all of these are awesome. I wish I could match more games.

However, here are a few other UI / gameplay items that struck me in the first round:

The lobby "prematch" doesn't seem to load or sync with the server completely before placing the player in it.

Esc key doesn't take you out of all the menus. When I'm tweaking things like graphics or sound and I hear someone run up to my position, I need to be able to use Esc to back out of menus instead of pointing and clicking at the vague buttons.

Overall, the movement is not terrible, but it does feel clunky. It's like there's a delay in turning response that makes me constantly miss doorways by an inch and run straight into walls. Looking around is the same, especially when aiming. There are multiple frame stutters when moving viewpoint for looking and aiming. I tried several graphics changes as well to no avail.

There must be freelook. It appears I'm not the only one who is saying this.

The inventory location is kind of neat, but I don't feel like I can move things around in a pinch because of how precise the boundaries of buttons are. Maybe consider a revamp of this.

Leaning would be really good. I don't care to expose my entire body to a doorway to check for hostiles.

Spare ammo should be easier to find I think, but then again I may be missing the point.

Hey there,

Thanks for this, I'll pass it along for you!