thank you so much,what ever you did,you did it right because this is the first game where i play on eu servers and have 59 ping and i'm all the way down in south this about the game so what ever it is please do not remove or change this,this low ping is the deal breaker for me because all the other games we play we have over 200 ping,all my friends are waiting for the release since I've told them of the low ping cuz we cant play pubg with 200 ping and this game is better for me so far love the Chernobyl design and the radiation areas,a lot better then the circle that close.thank you so much for the game.would love to see the fps stabilize not droping down from 300 to 1 so much and a smoother game play and gun figting but so far,game of the year for me

I am gonna be straight with you MaddDog I am not 100% sure the ping icon is correct seeing how it tells me I have 30ms ping to the eu server and I live in Central United States.